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    Ready for a diagnosis/good or bad
    readyfordx posted:
    I have been on a roller coaster now for several years. I think I have had all the symptoms out there for MS. I am with my third neuro and I think this time, I may have the right one. The first one wanted me to have a sleep study and I almost laughed in his face, the second said I have MS symptoms but since I am over the age of 50, he wanted me to take Cymbalta for one year and come back for another MRI to see if there are any lesions then, he said there was none on the MRI I had a few months ago. The symptoms are just getting worse in the meantime. The dr I am seeing now looked at the MRI I had with the other dr and said I do have 5-6 lesions and one on my brainstem which he says could be causing all my symptoms. I had another MRI about a week ago with T3 which he says will be more magnified. He started me on B12 injections while we wait for the test report. I am so tired by the afternoon that I have to drag myself home from work and I never feel like fixing supper, my husband usually does that. I have to feel better soon so I can go to my grandson's ball games, right now I don't think I could tolerate the heat. I have searched for answers for years but now I am pretty convienced I have MS, the shakiness, blurred vision, double vision, pain in my feet is unreal especially at night, nausea/lightheadiness, difficulty in swallowing, pain behined R ear, noise in ears sounds like a million crickets, nerve pain throughout my body, bladder pain, trouble getting words out, concentration issues, many more (I know now why they call it multiple sclerosis). I just need someone to believe in me and know that I am not crazy.
    Jeffrey A Rumbaugh, MD, PhD responded:
    I would recommend that you see a multiple sclerosis specialist in an effort to get an accurate diagnosis. You do not want to be told that you have MS if you do not, but if you do, you want to find out so proper treatment can be started. And an MS specialist is in the best position to determine what the best treatment is. It is also possible that your symptoms are "nonorganic" in nature. This would not mean that you are "crazy" or that it is "all in your head". It would only mean that it is important to make the right diagnosis so you can be properly treated. Patients may not like hearing a "nonorganic" diagnosis, but all doctors care about is alleviating your suffering which means making the correct diagnosis so proper treatment can be initiated, whether that diagnosis by multiple sclerosis, "nonorganic", or something else.
    readyfordx replied to Jeffrey A Rumbaugh, MD, PhD's response:
    Thanks for your response. The neurologist I am seeing now is a specialists in MS. I think he is a great dr and comes very highly recommended but his office staff stinks. I have now left a total of 7 messages with now response. I asked to speak to the office manager and was told there wasn't one so that is the 1st problem. I have since writing the above starting having nerve pain in my lower spine around my waist, it feels like I have been shocked and a time or two I have felt pressure in my back and legs. My legs have become bending at my knees and I almost fall but I catch myself. I am having more pain areas in my head. the noise in my ears never stops. I have (I don't know if this is related or not) indigestion and heartburn consistantly. I feel everything is getting worse and I cant get in touch wth anyone at the dr's office to let them know. I go back to see him the end of March, I guess I will have to wait and tell him all about it then. I have now been giving myself injections for one week everyday and now am taking them every other day but I can't tell any difference. Thanks again for your response.
    clarence03 responded:
    You are not crazy. My husband has MS and his symptoms are exactly the same as yours. These symptoms are not typical for ms patients, but everyone is different. The best way to find out if you have ms is to see a specialist and be tested.
    clarence03 responded:
    I am not clarence, I am his wife. He wanted me to give his phone number in case you need someone to talk to. It is 217-508-4253. He would be glad to have someone to talk to that is going through what he is. There is not a support group in this area.
    readyfordx replied to clarence03's response:
    Thank you, Clarence's wife for the encouragement. I feel better knowing someone else actually knows how I feel and I'm not crazy. I wrote down his number and I just might call him and maybe it will help me deal with this better and help him too. I am a very happy, lively and outgoing person but sometimes I just want to go somewhere wher it is dark and quite and I am NOT depressed, I love life and my family. I just want to feel better, I have fought with this way too long. Thanks again
    clarence03 replied to readyfordx's response:
    I also feel like going someplace to hide. I don't want anyone to see me when I am going through these muscle spasms. My whole body jerks, and after a day or two it is so painful. My short memory goes. Just try to keep a positive attitude, keep busy and most of all keep moving. Then hopefully, you will not be in a wheel chair. I have been diagnosed for 7 years now, and thank God, I am not in a wheel chair yet. Most people don't understand what we are going through. They think you are either drunk or on drugs. I am glad you wrote down my phone number. I would be glad to have somebody I can talk to that is going through the same thing I am. Please feel free to call me anytime. My wife typed this for me, but it is my words.
    readyfordx replied to clarence03's response:
    CJ, do you ever hurt in your lower back?

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