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Pelkyi1981 posted:
First let me say I am a bit embarrassed to ask questions as I have been having symptoms for over a year, but get no where with my GP. I have been having major fatigue, dizziness, body pain, short term memory problems, very sensitive to heat, IBS, etc. After going to the Dr several times and not giving up they finally gave me a reluctant diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. The Dr was fairly non commital and said I need to loose weight.

Before the fibro diagnosis I had an MRI done on the head and neck region. They didn't elaborate, but said they saw nothing abnormal.

Now I am having some major back pain which I assume is a pinched nerve. I went to the Dr and she gave me flexeril and lortabs. These didn't work at all. They did an x-ray and again said "normal." I am having stinging electric shock pains in various areas of my body. I also have been having muscle spasms in my legs and bad hip pain. Again I am guessing that these could all be a pinched nerve, but I am frustrated.

I am almost afraid to go back to the Dr as I am sure they will say there's nothing wrong again. Sigh... Any advice is deeply appreciated!
ericap1 responded:
i was told i had multiple sclerosis this past july, after about 3 years of crazy symptoms, alot of ER visits, a bunch of vists to my regualar DR, who ordered about of tests and sent me to a bunch of specialists, i finally got a diagnosis, my regualar dr is great and actually listened to me when i told her something was wrong with me. I was( and still have) dizziness, fatigue,body pain, the stinging electric shock pains and bad muscle spasms and a couple other things,, maybe u need to see another doctor? I do know how u feel iwent though tha same thing!!
beckym2005 responded:
Have you gone to a neurologist? I would try there - they will be able to run the right tests. When they did the MRI did they stop half way thru and give you an iv with contrast meds? This is the test they need to diagnose MS related damage. I had had cat scans and MRI before but not with the contrast that would show MS. So I had MS long befor eI knew about it.

There are also a lot of other things that are similar to MS that you might have. A neuro should be able to help figure it out.


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