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    Includes Expert Content
    MS Hands?
    diva306 posted:
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of MS Hands or if anyone has painful hands either all the time or just at times? Where can I go to get more information about this?
    arealgijoe responded:
    Once in a while, not very often, but a problem I have had for decades. My left hand fingers will CRAMP up hard and I can not open or work them for a few minutes, then it goes away.

    diva306 replied to arealgijoe's response:
    I think that is spasisity(?) in your fingers. What I am talking about is more like a nerve pain or almost arthritis feeling in them, but it is all over and not confined to the joints.
    lovesweinerdogs responded:
    That's a good question...I've wondered about the pain in my hands also but doubted arthritis because it's not all in the joints. It's also not all the time. Unfortunately I'm new to all this so I don't know where to find information either-I'll watch this discussion 'cause I'd like to know also. Thanks diva!
    purpleecho replied to lovesweinerdogs's response:
    My doctor has told me that I have Primary Progress Multiple Sclerosis. He told me this is a newer on. Before they on hand 3 different types, now their is 4 different types. Mine is the worst and nothing can cure it. I have trouble out of my right hand. My thumb, index finger and middle finger are completely numb. And I am right handed. It really makes it difficult to do lots of things. Mine is not the arthritis. Your pain could be from arthritis. I hope they can find out what yours is.
    diva306 replied to purpleecho's response:
    Not arthritis, been down that road already. I read something about nerve pain..but it is from an unreliable source. Mr Dr. is at a loss about it..think this is the first time that he heard of it. Oh well, if anyone out there can give us all direction that would be great! My hands just hurt...not the joints, the whole hand and sometimes up the arm and my arms feel hearvy a lot too.
    lovesweinerdogs replied to diva306's response:
    Hi all! What about carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel-both can cause pain in the hand. I think it's possible to be experiencing something that's not related to the MS at the same time-I know I tend to get "tunnel vision" sometimes when it comes to the health problems! LOL!

    Stay happy my friends!

    mmthlvr replied to purpleecho's response:
    Hi Purleecho,

    Have you heard of the Helping Hand? I have a lot of trouble holding my pen & this helps. It's basically a wrist brace with a strap that holds the pen or whatever. Go to Good Luck
    Always14989 responded:

    I have had what people are calling "MS Hands" for over 25 years. They are terribly painful, numb, and different joints hurt from day to day. When I'm stressed or upset about something the pain/cramping/numbness spreads all the way up to my elbows! Makes typing and writing very difficult.

    I also have MS feet, but haven't heard that put into words yet. I don't have rhuematoid arthritis. For me, I know it is the MS. So far moist heat pads work the best to relieve the pain, though I do take tylenol and some muscle relaxants. It is my most annoying and irritating symptom. Add that to my MS fatigue and I'm not a happy camper. I just keep on going and try to ignore it.

    Good luck to you.

    Al(ways have sore hands and feet)
    alexgrn65 responded:
    do they hurt and cramp up
    clive1952 replied to alexgrn65's response:
    I had painful hands and carpal tunnel syndrome, painful arms and shoulders. My rheumatologist diagnosed arthritis, initially psoriatic then rheumatoid and after numerous drugs which did no good put me on Rituximab - within weeks I was pain free.
    This drug is being trialled for MS right now. I cannot be sure what it is doing precisely but it certainly works. My arthritis was not typical sometimes joints sometimes just pain everywhere. I'm sure MS and arthritis are connected in some way even though most medics disagree.
    clive1952 replied to clive1952's response:
    I forgot to mention I have primary progressive MS diagnosed 1997
    An_204904 responded:
    I have painful hands occasionally. My thumbs lock up in the padding at the bottom of them and the big joint underneath the padding is really painful. I have always blamed it on too much typing, or too much playing. I am an organist/pianist. I've always just assumed it was arthritis, not my MS. My diagnosing Dr. tells me all the time" Everything that happens to you is not MS related. You had things happen before you were diagnosed with MS and they're just ongoing. Not necessarily MS." I believe she is right. We have a tendency to do that. I take massive doses of ibuprofen at times, also baclofen and Neurontin. I really do think I just have a very painful type of MS. Much lower back pain, nerve pain down my legs and feet. Lots of spasticity. PT, and stretching seem to be the most helpful.
    gilf417 responded:
    Hi, I have the same pain in my right hand.Plus, my joints in my right hand 'pop' loudly when I move them.
    My doctor thinks it's from carpal tunnel. Which I have in both hands. I hope you find the answes you are looking for soon.
    I have found alot of useful info on Webmd and on this site :
    kmw51 responded:
    For four years now I have had a painful hand with tingling, a burning sensation and light touch feels like electric shocks. It affects the front of the hand and fingers and the back of the fingers and is constant and extremely unpleasant. My hand is more or less useless due to these painful sensations. My doctor calls it neuropathic pain due to MS and I take Gabapentin for it. It reduces the pain to a bearable level but does not get rid of it.

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