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question for the md
johninflorida posted:
my fiance had wahat was diagnosed as a TIA in december 2010. she had left sided facial drooping, impaired cognitive function, and "cold" centralized headache. the symptoms cleared in about 45 minutes. ischemia was confirmed via an MRI. she has since had recurrent "TIA'S" , sometimes 4-5 a week. She was diagnosed with a PFO while in the hospital and placed on coumidan 10mg. she is at 3.0 where her internist wants her to be. I should mention it took 3 months to get her to this level. Problem is she continues to have episodes. Let me describe her symptoms for you. Her local physician and cardiology at shands hospital do not believe this is cardiac but possibly auto-immune in nature. Her symptoms include: headaches, night sweats, very low tolerance for heat, frequent numbness in lower extremities from the knee to the soles of her feet, unsteady gait, temporary loss of vision in her left eye (returned in 3 hours but isnt the same)., a "wooshing: feeling across the top of her skull, tremors to only the right hand and only sometimes, short term memory loss, extreme fatigue, knee pain, bilateral arm numbness, numbness in the left side of her throat, left sided face pain.. She remembered back a few years and recalls some of these same symptoms once or twice within the last 3-4 years but they passed and she thought nothing of them. She has had an MRI, CT SCAN, xrays, TEE, 24 hour halter (normal), EKG, corotid ultra sound, venus doppler, and full blood work up and they found a vitamin D deficiency so far. She is awaiting a neuro consult and the remainder of the bloodwork to be evaluated. Any comments or information you can give will be apprteciated. We are both in the medical field and are stumped.
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Johninflorida,

Dr. Lava is usually in our community on Friday's, I will forward your post to him. Hopefully between now and then some of our resident member experts, will be able to help you out!

In the mean time if you haven't already checked it out, we do have a Multiple Sclerosis Health Center that might give you a few answers.

Good luck and take care,
Neil S Lava, MD responded:
She is having many symptoms and I do not know that I can tell you what is happening. I think seeing a neurologist is the right thing to do.
kshah0512 responded:

I too was diag. with TIA 29 yrs ago with basically the same symptoms. In 2000 I was finally diag. with MS after being treated for the TIA and migraines for 18 yrs. I was also sent to see a neuro and cardio. The MS diag was made after my left arm went numb which eventually led to being numb from the chest down. My primary had mention several times over the years it could be MS. I wish now I had insisted on more testing. I have been on Copaxone as well as numerous other meds for 11yrs and it has controlled my symptoms. But my point is...I feel if I had been diag. 29 yrs ago I may still be working instead of on disability. All research shows the sooner you start therapy the better chances you have to live a productive life.
Do not stop searching for the answers!!!
Best of luck to you both!!!!

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