New Moderator For You
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi Everyone,

I have a very exciting announcement to make. Starting Monday, Elizabeth will be your new moderator. I have really enjoyed being a part of your community. I will miss you all. I am not leaving WebMD. We are just shuffling around the communities a bit. I know you'll be in wonderful hands with my friend Elizabeth.

Please help me make her feel welcome!

Take care and I hope each of you have a wonderful day!
Csewhappy responded:
Bye Emma,

Thanks for your support and good luck with your new post.

All the best,Carol
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to Csewhappy's response:
Thanks Carol,

I know I am leaving you all in great hands! You guys will be missed and I'll come in from time to time to check on you!

Take care,
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thank you Emma, I know this Community is very personal to you and please know I will work hard to grow with this community and in my knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis as moderator of this great group of members.

I have been quietly following your community for the last week while researching MS to gain more insight. I am impressed with the support you give to one another while battling this terribly challenging diagnosis.

Looking forward to working with all of you,