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tysabri question
paul50726 posted:
Hi. Next week I will be getting my first Tysabri infusion. My question is, How badly does Tysabri suppress the immune system? I mean if I get a cold while on this med, how will my body react? Does anyone on Tysabri have any trouble fighting off diseases such as the common cold? Thank you for your time.
hackwriter responded:
Hi, Paul,

I've been taking Ty for a year. Remember that everyone reacts differently to these drugs, so my experience is unique-- as is yours.

I've had no higher incidence of cold viruses on the drug. The only virus that awoke after infusion #1 was my HSV, but a daily dose of an acyclovir anti-viral is keeping that dormant now. Beyond that I actually feel an improvement in some symptoms.

Some people might get more frequent bladder infections if they are prone to them in the first place--sort of like my predisposition to getting herpes outbreaks. You just never know.

Only time will tell. You might have no trouble at all. Hope this helps.

Neil S Lava, MD responded:
Although Tysabri can reduce immune system function, in reality patients do quite well on this medication. Having a common cold should not be a problem. Your physician will watch over you and help you if any issues arise. You should not be overly concerned about this.
paul50726 replied to hackwriter's response:
Thank you for your response. I had my first infusion yesterday, and it went well.Yes, you're right. Everyone's reaction is different. I was reading reviews about Tysabri and overall it seems like people are pleased with it.
paul50726 replied to Neil S Lava, MD's response:
Thank you. You put my mind at ease.
newkarma10 responded:
I was on tysbri for 2 years and I did quite well on it. I was a nice change from stabbing myself one a week with Avonex. But my new neurologist was dead set against tysabri! So now I am waiting for insurance approval for copaxon.
jeansbyz responded:
I've had 47 infusions-no colds, no flu. No side effects at all. It's awesome!
paul50726 replied to jeansbyz's response:
Wow! That's great news. Thanks!

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