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    Includes Expert Content
    Diabetes type II and MS
    An_204925 posted:
    Does type II diabetes and MS have any connection. Is it common for a person with diabetes to also have MS? Any expert comments?
    An_204926 responded:
    I'd think it's more likely Type 1 Diabetes would have a connection since it's also an auto immune condition, unlike Type 2.
    Barb429 responded:

    There's no found direct connection.

    How-somes-ever -- many, MANY Americans have Type II and don't even know it! It's a breakdown of the pancreas' ability to manufacture insulin, and of the liver's ability to use insulin to break down sugars. This comes over time. Type II is not autoimmune; Type I (aka "Juvenile Diabetes") IS considered autoimmune. In Type I, the pancreas does not produceenough insulin. Check this out with your doc or with the ADA -- I may not have the facts correct.

    I have Type II. For me, it's just another of many health conditions that have come to roost in this body.

    Some people can control Type II Diabetes with diet and exercise. (Now, for many MSers, THAT's a problem!) 0) Some, like me, take oral meds to help control it. Others need to take insulin shots.

    Some of us (even MSers) seem to be predisposed to Diabetes. It gallops through both sides of my family. On my mom's side, my aunt lost her eyesight and both lower legs. Some of my great aunts and uncles (22 of them on that side, not including spouses) also had it (some with complications), as did my great-grandparents.

    On My dad's side, an uncle and his wife had it; Dad's sister and an aunt had Hypoglycemia (as did I at one time).

    Is is genetic? I'm not sure, but it may be related to lifestyle more so than to genetic makeup!

    Watch your sugar intake, refined carbs, and alcohol intake. The body sees them all as sugar, and reacts accordingly. Look up the Glycemic Index -- it's an eye-opener! Monitor your blood glucose levels (sometimes several times a day). Exercise if and when you can (but keep close tabs on your glucose levels before and afterwards). Your blood glucose levels need to be in a certain range -- your doc will give you a range for YOU (also an A1C range).

    Keep open communications with your PCP and/or Endocrinologist. Also, tell your MS Doc that you have Type II diabetes.

    Then again, MS can effect anything in our bodies. But a correlation with Type II Diabetes? Who knows. Probably not, but I just wouldn't ignore treating the Diabetes. The possibilities of damage to various body parts (eyes, brain [stroke>, heart, kidneys, limbs are not worth ignoring Diabetes treatment!!

    As with other medical problems, some of us with MS DO also have Type II Diabetes. Having MS does NOT exclude us from having other medical conditions/health problems. Wouldn't it be nice if it did!! :0

    I DO tend to ramble in my replies. I'm NOT a medical expert, but I feel that questions need thorough answers, whether they're scientific or anecdotal ones!

    Neil S Lava, MD responded:
    There is no connection between Type II Diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
    readyfordx replied to Neil S Lava, MD's response:
    Thank you,
    llranch replied to Barb429's response:
    Thank you Barb.! My aunt is struggling with Diabetes other issues are coming about as well as dementia so it is hard to pin point what she is really dealing with. Your Info is an eye opener. since it is so hard to have a conversation with many doctors these days.

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