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    How Would You Finish This Sentence?
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:

    "When I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis I .............."

    How did you feel, what were your thoughts? Shock, disbelief? Relief of finally finding an answer to what is making you so miserable?

    Looking forward to you sharing your stories,
    LadeeEmpress responded:
    felt relieved! I was beginning to think that I had lost my mind with all the symptoms that I had been having. So to assign it a name and have a plan for coping was a huge relief!!
    readyfordx replied to LadeeEmpress's response:
    I think I will feel relieved too. I have not yet received my diagnosis and I ahve been waiting for years but I think I knew a year ago when I started doing my own research. I go back to my neuro for what I hope is the deciding MRI abd then I go to his office for what the plan of treatment will be. Pray I get my answers then, I don't know how much longer I can stand this not knowing. I am strong but I feel so weak and I am independent but I feel so helpless.
    readyfordx replied to readyfordx's response:
    I go back for the MRI abd to see the dr on July 1st
    An_204928 responded:
    I was 58 yrs old and actively working as an RN until 2000 when I had back surgery for injury at work, lifting a patient. After that, I kept falling down and having what I thought was RLS. When I was diagnosed in 2007, I was in denial and refused any treatment. By that time, I was walking with a cane. I felt I was too old for MS and all my problems were from a botched surgery on my back. Six months later, I was having spasms so bad, I was admitted to the hospital, put into a medicinal coma (I was screaming with spasms), woke up eight days later, and was taught to inject myself with Copaxone daily. I had been taking it a few days after being admitted to the hospital. I went to rehab, learned to walk with a walker, but quickly sucumbed to a life in a w/c. When diadnosed, I weighed 119 and now weigh 250. That's my story-hate myself and hate the disease. Help me with a diet I can live with (high in protein) and exercise? Thanx
    mmthlvr replied to An_204928's response:

    Have you tried weight watchers? Best thing I ever did. No exercise & as long as you stay within your daily allowance of points, you can eat whatever you want. Another thing you don't have to buy there meals, but they are very good.

    This disease does suck, but you sound like a very strong person. Best of luck & let me know if you try it & how it works.
    mmthlvr responded:
    I was relieved, especially when it wasn't one of the other nasty diseases that they were checking for. As much as this disease sucks, it could always be worse.
    Nancy04232004 responded:
    "When I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis I felt relieved."

    I needed an answer to why I was experiencing double vision.

    My MRI results left me no doubt that I have MS.

    Innumerable volume of lesions found on my MRI.

    As a result, I did not have to wait long for a definite dx.

    So I did not have to go further in testing, like the lumber puncture.

    Thank goodness!!!!
    tlltroy responded:
    In a way I wasn't surprised at all-- I was sort of expecting it . But i wasn't very educated about MS so it scared me until I learned about it.

    Then it took me 3 weeks until I told anyone except my husband . And still don't tell hardly anyone.Only my close relatives know. The people I work with don't know, and even most of my closest friends don't know yet. And I was DX in 2008.

    I just don't feel comfortable yet talking about it with everybody. I guess that might be a good topic for another thread.
    Nancy04232004 replied to tlltroy's response:
    Do not feel like you have to tell everyone right away. You may still need moments to grasp the idea that you have MS. MS is something very big to deal with and so allow yourself time to absorb this.

    My suggestion is to take your time in telling people of your condition. I did not tell people right away either and this took me a long while even to do this. There are so many people who still have the "old school" mentality that the Dx of MS is an automatic sentence to disability. We all know that this is not the case, especially with the disease modifying meds out there.
    55Dave responded:
    I had one thought - disbelief, and one emotion - I was mad. Disbelief because physically I had been ok until the ms hit. Mad because I have so much left to do in life and I thought this was going to have a severe negative impact. I was much more mad than bothered by disbelief. I was diagnosed in Jan 2007. I am not depressed, and do not think woe is me, or ask for any special attention. I no longer disbelieve. But I am still ticked off. I have accepted the situation, but I am in no way happy about it.

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