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reliv is garbage
magickalme posted:
I don't give a rats rear end what techmike says, if he isn't dealing with the reality of MLM, he is from outer space. RELIV is just like MONAVIE a couple of years ago. Utter crap. PPL will believe what they want to, but if you really feel the need to waste your money, send it to me. I'll pay my cable and have a nice dinner somewhere.

MS affects the immune system. A product that boosts the immune system will absolutely work against anyone with MS. Our immune systems are already in over drive.

Go ahead, tech mike, and hide your ignorance by claiming to work in corporate america. I served in the military for 20 years, and had another 20 in various nursing arenas....I have my PhD., and I KNOW there are many other PPL on this forum who have the equal or even more education and knowledge.

If you, techmike, think it will work wonders for you I would suggest a psychiatric evaluation to test your relationship to reality. And I stand by the research done at UCD, in CA. Also, UCSF, in the bay area.
Reliv is garbage and if you wish, take garbage and shut the heck up about your fabulous experience. Reliv will NOT make MS better. You need to do more research, bud, before you post how great it is. And by the way, the FDA never responded, because they do not investigate any product that does not contain scheduled drugs. Moron.
flapkat (always speaking my mind).

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omaha365 responded:
Well after 31 years of having MS and not being able to do house work or cook dinner. I disagree with you. 1. There are doctors who recommend you try it. 2. It takes years to heal the damage your immune system has done to your nerves. But it is possible if you put the right nutrition into your body it can work to heal even the nerve damage. Proper nutrition like that found in Reliv helps balance your immune system. It doesn't make it worse. I know it helped me and is continuing to help me. My husband has a different auto-immune disease, he never got sick with the cold or flu because of his immune system on Reliv his condition is going away but because of a more normal immune system he got the flu this winter. Hopefully as he continues with the Reliv, his immune system will get to where he doesn't have his condition or get the flu.

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