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teelynn31 posted:
I was just wandering, can ms affect one side of the body? I have had these symptoms since 2006. After looking over the symptoms, my symptoms are of these. Doctors have told me I have a pinched nerve, however I have all the symptoms of ms, plus more. If I've had an mri in the past and they didnt see anything, do u have to be lookin for it? If I have no insurance how do i get the help i need? I have severe muscle tenderness all over, cant barely stand to b touched with pressure. memory problems, speech problems, words never come out right, anixety, mood swings, hard to concentrate, tired all the time cant look down more then 5 min, if i do then next day I have a severe migraine, i have muscle spasms, severe neck pain, muscle pain all over,for the past 2 years, I've had numbness, tingling of my arm, leg, hand, foot & cold & hot sensation on my left side, past month severe leg pain, leg feels stiff under my knee, hurts & is hard to walk or stand on it, it feels dead at times.....I constantley have these symptoms & haven't been diagnosed with anything other than a pinched nerve, arthiritis & degeneration, panic attacks & depression, which I panic when I have these symptoms, cause I think I'm having a heartattack, cause I do experience pains on my left breast & above my left breast...... How can I get any help wth these symptoms, without any insurance? It's hard to work a job, when it's hard to live, much less work!!!!!!
swampster1952 responded:

Your post was way too long to read without paragraph breaks so I will only comment on your first question...yes, MS can appear to affect only one side of your body.

lovesweinerdogs responded:
teelyn31, I hear ya! Really, this whole thing can feel incredibly frustrating and overwhelming. Sometimes if I try to think about all this at once I feel terrified-what is the rest of my life going to be like? I'm trying to learn not to think about this all the time or try to figure it out on my own. No, I haven't been diagnosed with MS but the symptoms are nearly textbook for me, so my doctor is now running tests trying to figure this out.

Have you checked to see if there are any free clinics in your area? Maybe your local ministerial alliance could recommend a clinic that could help you. Also, I recently began seeing a therapist. Evidently I'm not doing such a hot job of handling this on my own (although I'm getting the impression he's not experienced handling chronic pain and disability patients) it does help just having someone to talk to who's eyes don't glaze over when you discuss health issues.

When you get to feeling overwhelmed, check in with the WebMD communities-talk to others who share your experiences. They know exactly what you're experiencing and feeling and they will listen. Take a deep breath!

Hope to talk to you soon! Dawn

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