Does stress trigger symptom?
lovesweinerdogs posted:
Hi all! If any of you are watching the news, you are probably aware that central and north/east Oklahoma has been hit by multiple tornados.

I work at a residential school and have been monitoring the weather conditions for about 7 hours now. Not only are we responsible for a lot of children, we all have relatives in various parts of the state, so of course we are worried about them as well.

There are two of us here that have MS or suspect MS. My friend has developed atrial fibrillation and, due to the worry and stress of this wild weather event, her heart if fluttering quite a bit this evening. She wants to know if she should be watching for a flare.

Thanks for your support and prayers!

hackwriter responded:

Stress can trigger flares or pseudo-flares. But we all have stress quite often without any ill effects. Your friend's a-fib sounds like more of a concern than MS.

Hope you all stay safe--and well away from windows.