Contrasted M.R.I.
lepman posted:
Now I have to say that the M.R.I. process doesn't pose much of a health concern... but yesterday I had my first one with contrast. At a V.A. hospital, two hours away from me.Good thing I have a Hospital near by because when I woke up this morning, I had a golf ball size lump in my arm and hurt like(hell) pardon my french. My hand and fingers are numb and cold like ice.

I called the emergency room at the V.A. hospital,and was told that a nurse would call me back. I called my local hospital's emergency room and was told to come in immediately. They performed an ultra sound on my arm and found a blood clot that goes from my wrist at the injection site, to my elbow.

what a wonderful gift. and something new to worrie about on top of my other symptoms that are going on with me. now I get to worrie about the possibility of the clot going into my lungs, heart or brain. I was told that blood thinners is the treatment for this and was given some shots for this as well as some meds to thin my blood and now i have to take them for six months.

After three hours in the emergency room I returned home and was finally called back from the V.A. hospital and was told to drive down to them. Oops too late, I already went to my local hospital ER. I told them.
that's a shame I was told.The V.A. may not pay for that Visit. I asked why not? and said I didn't cause this.

I never knew that a simple M.R.I. could be so dangerous.....
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Lepman,

Crud! What a horrible experience!

How are you doing now? Any other feedback or follow-up from the VA?

lepman replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
I saw my primary care doctor and she is keeping track of the blood levels because of the blood thinners I have to be on but nothing else is being done.