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    Denied Critical Care
    An_204961 posted:
    I am a Vetern and have been locked out of the medical care system I don't know how a V.A. hospital can deny care. not only am I locked out of the V.A. system but also from being treated at the state funded medical care system. Because they say I am a Vet. they have an agreement between the V.A. hospital and the state funded hospital, The Vetern has to be Referred to them before treatment can be made. And yet the V.A. hospital won't Referr because they say the Neurology department has done all they can for you...You will not get a referral from Us....

    I ask them...then where can I go to get any kind of medical treatment ? they told me that I need to get out of the V.A. system. I ask them How do I do that? I don't have insurance and I can't go to the state Hospital and I'm no longer able to be seen by your neurology Department. And your E.N.T. department said that they have proven that I have a neurological problem from the tests that they have done to me.

    And because they are not Neurologists they cannot go any further than they have. even the E.N.T. doctors have told me that I need to get out of the V.A, system, and to see a M.S. specialist. When I asked them , Do I have M.S. they told me that because they are not a Neurologist , They cannot tell me that I do....Wheres the line drawn here.

    No insurance, can't see a local neuro , Locked out of the V.A. system's Neurology Department , And the V.A. locked me out of the State funded hospital. Just where dose a person go from here? I went to my Senator's office and to my Congressman's office and neither one are getting any answers from the V.A hospital or the state Hospital. I have even tried the Mayo Clinic. They said that thier policy is that if my condition has lasted longer than one year it's considdered Chronic. and they won't see anyone who is considdered a Chronic case. So that's a dead end.

    I have been told that the V.A. cannot Deny Critical care and that it's against the law...I have been told that even by the people who work in the V.A. hospital...If this is all true ...then why is this happening? I was told that the V.A. health Care System has changed and has gotten so much better...I just don't see it....It has only gotten worse....All anyone has to do is just pick any department in the V.A hospital and just sit and you will hear the horror stories from the Vet's waitting to be seen.

    They are not there because they want to be, it's because they have to be. and to be treated the way they are in my opinion is just B.S. A lot of them are in the same boat I am in, No insurance and no where else to go.
    lepman responded:
    Wow I hear ya.. Almost the same thing has been happening to me...But I think it's because I asked for a new doc.. and or a second opinion...and you don't want to know what that will get ya....Keep trying Maybe someone out there will help ya...and keep in touch...I'd like to know Who and what I could do as well....
    hackwriter responded:

    Have you considered calling the press and having a reporter write an article about this? I'm betting that a medical/science/government reporter would love to sink their teeth into this one. Sometimes you have to shine the spotlight on an abuse in the system and embarrass them into helping you.

    Most people don't know that the last thing that goes on an MS patient is the mouth. So get mouthy, dude, no more mister nice guy.

    arealgijoe responded:
    Have you talked to a service rep?

    DAV, VFW, MOPH, PVA etc. IF you do have MS you qualify for PVA.

    I get my MS care at the VA, good so far, I get my diabetes care ELSEWHERE, theirs is horrable!

    I find the VA a very mixed bag with GOOD, BAD and yes even UGLY!

    The VA does have a PRIORITY system, things like service connected medical issue, income level etc.

    Have you spoke with a PA, Patient Advocate? Every VAMC should have one. I know some are worthless, but you could at least try.

    There seems to be something/s major or serious left out or missing from your post.

    Gomer ,
    An_204962 replied to arealgijoe's response:
    It is what it is.Nothing left out, the patient advocates are the ones stone walling the Senator and Congressmens reprsentatives. Do I need to say any more about them.
    jbird64 replied to An_204962's response:
    I gotta say, Anon, I'm shocked that Mayo would say that! I was seen and treated at Mayo for my Rheumatoid Arthritis first because no one in my area could decide if it was Lupus or RA and I had had it for 5 years at that point. I went back to them 3 years later when I started with my MS, but my rheumatologist didn't know if it was a weird manifestation of the RA or what, and they handled that, too...treated me for as long as it took to establish an effective tx plan, and then turned me over to someone in my area who would follow it. If you've been abandond by the VA and the state system (which seems SOOO wrong!) the should be free to take over your case?!
    Don't know if that helps, but I wish you the best!

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