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    Botox and overactive bladder
    whitefrazier posted:
    I have bladder dysfunction and have been diagnosed with overactive bladder. My bladder is also very spastic. Nothing is helping so the Urologist says my last resort is botox injections. Has anyone had these injections? How often do you get them? Thanks in advance.
    jbird64 responded:
    Hi Whitefraizer!
    I've been debating weither or not to reply to this or not, but I guess some info.'s better than none. I have been having bladder issues almost from the moment of diagnosis and over the past 6 mo., they got so bad my neuro sent me to a urologist.

    We tried several medications and finally decided that what I thought was an overactive bladder was a bladder that was not emptying much regularly, and it would get so full that there were catostrophic floods, so to speak. Then we tried meds to encourage regular emptying, which did nothing, either.

    I, too, asked the botox question, and was told that it was really successful for a small number of people with a very specific profile, and it had to be redone every 2 - 4 months...everyone's a little different (they weren't that into it, so I can't really promise that's all exact!)

    They also have this "pacemaker" for the bladder...a nerve stimulator that will cause a bladder to contract only when you want it to. Don't know a whole lot about that, but I might have to learn!

    They offered my straight catheters to use myself when I needed to, but I just couldn't get the hang of it, so I'm dealing with a lovely permenant foley catheter unless and untill I decide to try the pacemaker thing, which may or my not work.
    Make absolutely sure that your diagnosis is correct - we were treating the wrong problem for months and made the real problem worse!

    I know this is hard stuff...some of your most basic body functions going haywire! Hang in there, though, and you'll find something to make life easier! You'll be in my prayers!
    whitefrazier replied to jbird64's response:
    Thanks Judy. I spoke with my Neuro today and after all my research he suggests that I give it a try. I think I will. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks. April

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