So Darn Frustrasted
shugar4u posted:
my story is too long to post right now.

cant get in touch with my dr.

they wont give me an afo that i can put on by my self that fits.

the want me to have an infusion of Rituximab that they cannot give me any info on ( i did do my own research)

i just learned that there are 4 types of MS/ i have PRMS

i've been on the wrong medication from the beginning- 2 years of avonex

my symptoms have not changed for the better or worse

i have a ton of questions i cannot get any answers to

my dr is thorough but does not communicate

i want to change dr's again but belong to kaiser. anyone w/Kaiser in Los angeles can recommend a Neuro th
at will talk to u.

feel like im babbling so gonna stop here and try to contact this lady again
Blessings everyone
Love and Blessings.. Shug
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Shug,

Specific doctor recommendations cannot be posted on our boards but perhaps others here will have some ideas on how you can find what you want and need. :-)