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When MS Fatigure Overwhelms Stimulants
NEWPOV posted:
Here's something a bit strange. Or maybe not. In the past, I've been on numerous stimlulants for fatigue.

Now I'm back on Adderall and Ritalin.

Most of the time, they work fine. But occasionally, my MS fatigue is so bad (typically, after a busy day prior) that they don't seem to work at all. I'll force myself to get up for breakfast, take my meds and instead of being awake, I'm overpowered with fatigue. I'll fall asleep in an hour.

Have you heard of this... or are amphetamines supposed to work no matter what.

My psychopharm - who coordinates with my neurologist - tells me he hasn't seen this before.
Muzzkat responded:
I work a strenuous job outside. The heat last summer, and again this summer, finally got me. I had to take time off.

Like you, the following days/weeks I have the overwhelming fatique. Could sleep all day. Maybe it's some form of depression, don't know. Either way, it's hard to live in the "normal" world.

I am on Provigil, and it doesn't seem to change anything. Like w/coffee, I can still go to sleep in a minute. When awake, I still don't have motivation to do anything. At least not for very long!

So, to answer the question...I don't know what an expert would say, but I have had the same experience after busy or stressful days.

They say: MS, you don't get it unless you got it. Well...I still don't get it! ;^)
hackwriter responded:

I've heard this a lot from MSers who take fatigue meds of all kinds. Fatigue is so hard to treat. I don't take meds for it myself and simply pace myself, rest, and sit on my dead butt most of the day.

It's possible that MS changes the rules of how your meds work. Fatigue fluctuates, can worsen with a flare or in reaction to heat and humidity and other stressors.

tlltroy responded:
Same issue here ~ but I take Nuvigil,still a stimulant though ~ some days it seems to work fine. I make it through the day, feeling almost normal. Then on some days, I take it & like you posted , I could probably just go back to sleep . It seems like the fatigue it just too much.

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