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living w/ RRMS since 2003
crystalstayton posted:
Hi my name is crystal I am on copaxone but have tried many others I have issues with remembering things pain fatigue and vision stuff... questions that I have follows.... I switch my words around alot like if I try to say silly train I'm likely to say trilly slain it sounds really stupid but does anyone else do this the words just come out like normal words..... also yesterday went to the er b/c it felt like my thumb was broke but its not broke and they said that its just nerve issues from my ms sending a signal to my brain that my thumb is broke anyone have this happen?
lepman responded:
I too have the same problems with the words thing and peopl make fun of me when I talk. but I don't realize I say it that way so it dosent bother me much. And as far as the feeling like ya broke a bone , well I some times feel like I broke my arm, but I know I didn't. this week though I felt my second MS lest thats what some ppl are calling it. I was lucky it happened while I was in the emergency room when it did. I thought I was haveing a heart attack. I then relized the pain was higher than my heart and went through my chest and in my back as well. The ER doc ran a buch of tests and did chest X-rays while it was happening and did blood work to rule out other things that would cause it but found nothing wrong....But then again I was told that theres nothing wrong with me and I must be willing my symptoms to happen, and yet haven't been diagnossed.

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