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Anon_237259 posted:
Has anyone here tried to draw disability and what was the process like for you? please advise, I am at that point in my life and need help! Thanks....Shawn
mmthlvr responded:
Hi Shawn,

I'm at the same point as you. I'm checking into it but no answers yet. Someone told me it takes six months before you start receiving payments & about 2 years before you can apply for medi-cal. What are we suppose to do in the mean time?

I'm on Copaxone & tahts alone is about 10k for 3 mos. What are you on? If I find out anything new I will let you know.
Best of luck
hackwriter responded:

I am on SSDI. Before you start the claim process on the SSA site, keep in mind that you've got to have a good paper trail over the past 12 months at least. That means you've seen your neuro regularly and your decline is well-documented.

Once you fill out that short initial claim on the SSA site, someone will contact you by phone and ask some questions. After that, the state must review your paperwork. See your neuro and tell them you have filed a claim. The neuro needs to fill out a particular form. He/she will have done this before, so they know what to do and where to send it.

In my case, the state did all the work getting hold of all my medical records, I didn't have to do a thing. Six months later I received my first check. That is the minimum waiting period.

I just became eligible for Medicare in July, exactly 24 months after receiving my first check.

I hope your claim will go as smoothly as mine did. Good luck!

LadeeEmpress replied to hackwriter's response:
Kim. thanks for the information. How did you support yourself in the meantime without income or medical insurance?
hackwriter replied to LadeeEmpress's response:

I had to rely on my loved ones for financial support. I found charity care for all my doctor appts, tests, and used patient assistance programs for my expensive DMDs. I wasn't eligible for Medicaid through all of that because I lived with my boyfriend and they count household income.

LadeeEmpress replied to hackwriter's response:
That must have been stressful. I am glad that you are now in a better place!
LHanan responded:
In July of 2006 I made the difficult decision to stop working and apply for Disability. I needed my medical records, as well as records from work. I did not have a lot of absences from work, so it was hard to say I could not work. But my doctor did a good job of filling out the Disability forms. I had to go to the Social Security office for an interview. I was approved 6 weeks after I applied. Yes, there is a 6-month waiting period, and then they pay you retroactively for those 6 months. While I waited, I fell behind in my mortgage by 6 months. That was stressful, because I'd never paid a bill late in my life. It was a period of redefining who I am, to say the least.
gardner3839 responded:
I was diagnosed back in 2007 at the age of 30. By the time I was 32 I was in a wheelchair applying for disability. My MS had progressed to where I couldn't walk. I applied in September and had been to 4 doctors. They all got the paperwork together and by December I had been approved for disability. It really didn't take me that long to get it. I started receiving it that February. So all together it took 6 months from the date that I applied until I started receiving my payments. I don't know exactly what the doctors notes were in my medical charts but it must not have been good because I was approved quickly.
mrs_nikki replied to gardner3839's response:
I was diagnosed in 2006 and I had to stop working immediately b/c I could not work. My doc told me to apply for diability and I did it. I had no problems getting approved. It took 3 months for me and my benefits started the very next months. I didn't need any papers from my job or anything. I didn't have to do anything. They called me and asked me a few questions and the docs did all the other work. I was in AR when I was approved to. I was told that in other states they give ppl a hard time getting benefits. In AR they told me I got approved with no problems b/c MS is a well known crippling disease. Them asking for all that paperwork from the job is ridiculus. I had only been to 1 doc and had missed no time from work until I was diagnosed. I don't understa
mrs_nikki replied to mrs_nikki's response:
I don't understand why they would put ppl through all of that, like someon would make up having MS.

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