ms symptom issue
rafe11 posted:
usually every few weeks or so i will spend the day feeling very "disconnected" is the only way i can best describe it, it includes light-headed moments of slight dizzyness and a "heavy" feeling which sounds like depression, but i can still function for the most part. usually get really fatigued as the day wears on, but that "disconnected" feeling, like i'm floating thru the day, persists. is there anything specifically linked to ms issues accompanying this feeling?
hackwriter responded:

Yes, it's a feature of MS. I've experienced very long periods of time with constant dizziness and a sensation of my head being submerged in Jell-O, followed by a remission of dizziness but sudden short bouts of it if I step inside a cooled house directly out of the heat during the summer, or the reverse in winter. It can come on suddenly late in the evening when I'm really tired, too.

Just another fun ride at the MS amusement park!

rafe11 replied to hackwriter's response:
thank you!
typically, temp has nothing to do with, but thankfully this has stayed an occasional "event"...and just making it clear that this "MS amusement park" rider...stop the ride! i want to get off!!!