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Really Worried Now...
lepman posted:
I got a new Neorology Doctor now and basically started over. He went through all the testing results and over all the doctors notes and readings of the pervious tests. He found some things that were never told to me and asked what I wanted from him. I told him that I need to get a handle on whats ever going on with me and to find out if it can be cured or treated. He said that this is deffinately a neurological problem I am haveing, He ordered a new MRI and contrasted MRI of the brain. He ordered The Evoked potential tests and some blood work. Some sort of pannel test.

The Mri's show Normal and the evoked potential test showed some problems in my left ear and told me that he suspects now that the inner ear function for balance is now being effected.I have lost my right ear function totally for balance , not for hearing I hear very well in both ears just function for balance is being lost. He then told me that he dosent think it's ms but he wont rule it out. and has referred me to another Neurology doctor . He explained that thats why I have no balance and why my body can't adapt for the inner ear function loss..It is continually getting worse so your body can't adapt.

He told me that he just dosen't know whats going on and told me that he wished he were trained a little better and thinks this is something he has never had experience with. and that he feels that a doctor in a bigger city would have a greater knowledge of what this could be. I asked if he would do a lumbar puncture test but he told me that the MRI was a better way to check for ms. I asked, dosen't the lumbar puncture test for more than just MS. he said that if he were to see something in the MRI to warrent it he would have ordered one. So in a couple of weeks I get to see another new doctor. I sue hope this one will know what to do....
hackwriter responded:
Dear lepman,

Glad to hear that you'll be seeing another doctor. And kudos to your doctor for admitting that he doesn't have enough experience to explore further and was willing to refer you.

Hope you'll keep us informed about what the new doc has to say.

NanaJudy6 responded:
Good for this neurologists taht he could admit he is not experienced enough to treat you and he is willing to admit it and send you to someone who is..

Good luck to you and keep us informed..God Bless

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