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others with pain in deep ear, neck and mouth, right side only?
Seiche123 posted:
Please, any responses are appreciated. I have not yet been diagnosed with ms but do have fibromyalgia and hashimoto's thyroid dyssfunction. I have general weakness on right side and feeling of congestion on right side. But the DEEP EAR PAIN is awful and it is in my neck too. It used to come and go but for the past month it is almost constant. Neck pain may be eustacian tube pain? I have an mri scheduled but was hoping to hear from others experiences. The pain is in my teeth too on my right side, kind of like a sinus infection. I'm worried about cancer. What symptoms are different between cancer and ms?
Rory26312 responded:

The pain you describe is not typical of MS(but what is) That been said there is a condition I think it is called Triangular Neuralgia that can make the nerve in the upper jaw and skull feel extemely tight as if it is been pulled upwards.

The one time it effected me I felt like it was been pulled through my eye socket.

I cann't say anything about cancer but the usually find it pretty quick in the diagnosis process these days (I stress the usually part)

Hope this helps some .

Rory26312 replied to hackwriter's response:
Thanks Kim I thought I had the wrong name on that

Seiche123 responded:
Thanks for the responses. Hopefully the MRI will shed light. I'm only 41 years old and have 3 children. having this kind of pain is awful. I have never been so gripped with fear as to what it might be. If you're the praying type, tell God ineed to be well for my kids. Thanks. jen b.
usmarinevet75 responded:
trigeminal neuralgia, dear
Seiche123 replied to Rory26312's response:
Just thought I'd follow up and say that my MRI was normal. Which is great news but doesn't shed light on the awful pain I have to deal with daily. The doc even suggested the pain was psychosymatic. I never realized that so many people are walking around with such chronic pain and difficulty. I'm greatful for the clear MRI but almost can't believe its true. Pain like this must be rooted in reality.
hackwriter replied to Seiche123's response:
Dear Seiche,

Just a tip: When a doctor suggests that pain is "psychosomatic," drop him immediately; that kind of remark only means that the doc isn't interested in investigating further.

I hope you'll continue your search. Have you been to a pain clinic yet?

greer123 responded:
it does NOT sound like trigeminal neuralgia as the other post suggested. it does sound like something is irritating your laryngeal nerve w branches into auricular nerve (that would cause ear 'canal' pain, if that is what you are calling 'deep'). and that could be caused by any thyroid inflammation. i would ask ur PCP to send you for an ultrasound. but its been 11mths since you posted, so what did you find out?

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