magnesium chloride for MS
Florcy posted:
Has anyone tried magnesium chloride to help heal or decrease symptoms of MS ?? I've been told marvelous things about it, but before I try, I'd like to ask if any anyone has had any experience with it. I do not want to fall victim of another hoax.... thanks for sharing your experience with me.
hackwriter responded:
Dear florcy,

I haven't used this compound, but I've done some research on it. While not a hoax, its claimed benefits of quieting overexcited nerves has not been proven in clinical trials.

Always do internet research before experimenting on yourself with mineral supplements. Dosage is very important. This compound is not for those who have kidney problems and low blood pressure. Ask your doctor to recommend a safe dosage at the very least, and get a magnesium level for your next blood test.

Be safe.

Florcy responded:
Hi Kim,

Thanks for your advise!. I have a Neuro appointment next week, I'll ask him there what's his honest opinion about this, and whether he thinks it will be of any benefit for my case.

I just wanted to check with our MS community, if anyone had had any experience with this themselves.

I'll wait for doctor's recommendations and then post what he said.