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Is this a MS Symptom?
demimonsterr posted:
I was just recently diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis which my doctor said was a stepping stone for having MS. I have been having the weirdest taste in my mouth for about a week now and it only happens with certain foods. Along with that, sometimes my taste buds have a "flashback" of sort when they like relive all of the bad taste in the past few months. I don't know if this is a MS symptom or something else.
hackwriter responded:
I've experienced something similar, but I'm on a number of meds and I smoke, so I chalk it up to those things.

From what I've read, this could actually be caused by a diminished sense of smell. It's a general phenomenon of aging among 60-70 year-olds--but if you are young, it could be caused by medications or something gone awry in the nose and throat--or a number of other things.

You might mention it to your doc during your next appointment.

Csewhappy responded:
Hi Demi

I have Transverse Myelitis too, in my c-spine (? t-spine too) ... so you wouldn't think it'd affect taste like that - however, I do get something very similar to what you are describing ... although I get it a good deal with smells/aromas too.
It would be worth a trip to the dentist tho' just to check nothing's wrong with your teeth or gums - as that can cause exactly what you describe as well.
Who knows? I'll be interested to see too.

Neil S Lava, MD responded:
The change in taste is usually not a symptom of MS. There can be many other causes.
You might mention this to your physician when you have your next appointment.