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lovesweinerdogs posted:
After a particularly bad spell, my family doc put me on prednisone and wants me to try Cymbalta. My VA doctors still haven't given me a definate diagnosis so I'm falling back on him in the interim. What do you all think of Cymbalta? I haven't been on it long enough yet to notice a difference, but at this point I'm willing to try anything. I respect you'alls opinions.
Graceonline responded:
Hi there

I am not familiar with the reference VA doctors?

My understanding of cymbalta is limited to its use in the treatment of depression and anxiety and some times for neuropathic pain.

Working only on the assumption you are using it for the latter following no improvement on prednisone, unfortunately I have no further comment for you other than I have also come across people who have sometimes been prescribed this medication for pain associated with fibromyalgia. Though I am not suggesting by any means your doctor is thinking you may have this.

Sorry I can't be of any more assistance and all the best.


hackwriter responded:
Dear loves,

Cymbalta is a fairly common choice to treat neuropathic pain, and it doesn't work for everybody. Your other choices would be Lyrica and Neurontin (gabapentin). It's pretty much trial and error with these drugs, and it takes time to slowly increase the dosages to find out where the "sweet spot" is, that point where you feel the most relief, if any.

I hope Cymbalta works for you. All the above meds can have side effects, so if you cannot tolerate those effects, tell your doctor and you can try another med.

hackwriter replied to Graceonline's response:

The reference "VA" stands for Veterans Administration. Our poster has done military service

Graceonline replied to hackwriter's response:
Thanks Kim re VA


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