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    how long / are you from
    ireneliz posted:
    how many of you are on ssi how long did it take
    are you from the norteast
    hackwriter responded:
    Dear ireneliz,

    I'm on SSDI and it took about six months from the time I filed the claim to receiving my first check. I breezed through all the paperwork and doctor exams without a hitch and was approved on the first try. I live in Michigan.

    There are several factors involved in the success of your claim. Your neurologist is going to be your most valuable resource, much of your claim will rest on his/her evaluation. It also helps to have at least a yearlong paper trail of appointments and treatments for MS, but there are exceptions to that.

    Several years ago, MS was included in the SSA blue book list of diseases that qualify for SSDI, see this page for the full list (further down the page):

    I believe that this, in part, made my claim a shoo-in for success, as well as my age; at the time I was 51. And my neurologist was very cooperative and supportive of my claim.

    Hope this helps.

    lepman responded:
    As for me , I was not and still not officially Dx with MS or anything offically yet for that matter. I got an SSI lawyer and it took 18 months before I was even awarded SSI. My case was very difficult because of that fact that there was no difinative diagnoses. I had to go through all the appeals and finally got to the hearing stage. My lawyer told me that when it goes to this stage his sucsess rate was about 1% chance to win, but in my case he said it was very obvious that I have something major going on with me.

    I have been like this for over three years now and had tons of medical stuff to back up my claim and there are some very clear cut rules to qualify for SSI ... One is if your condition has lasted or expected to last over a year and prevents you from working. I definatly fell into that part and all the medical stuff really didn't help my case or hurt my case.

    I know that the judge who looked over my case and read all the reports from the doctors was relly apauled at what was going on with me and how I was being treated and the lack there of any kind of treatment was more of a helper in my case. Not to mention that she got to see first hand how this is affecting me on a daily bases, and how that my condition is progressing and not getting better.

    The judge told me at the end of the hearing that she has been doing the SSI hearings for over thirty years and has never seen such a messed up case like mine, I didn't know how to take that at first, but all in all the whole process is really messed up.I see so many people who really don't need SSI who get it without even haveing to appeal it, and when the lawyer told me that only 1% of his cases got awarded it at the Hearing part of the appel, I really didn't think I had a chance.

    Just think of all the other people out there who really do need it and dont get it . While the other ones who dont need it ,do.
    ireneliz replied to hackwriter's response:
    thank-you for all this info i called freedomdisability
    very nice people
    they told me that i cant make over $800 gross a month
    i only work 12 to 16 hours a week
    but i still make to much because i have been working there for 14 yrs so they said that will call me in march
    thanks again

    ireneliz replied to lepman's response:
    thank-you for your info
    ireneliz responded:
    just got my ssdi today
    cactibabe1 responded:
    SSI and Social Security is a Stage process.

    I showed MS signs in 95 knew nothing about MS. Diagnosed Transverse Myelitis. Every thing went numb from ribs down to trunk and feet. I researched the illness and it mentioned MS and Devic's. Social Security did not put me on since it was my first attack.

    They even sent me to one of their doctors who said I was fine. My doctor put me on major steroids Solumedrol and one year of predinsone. I did swell up but everything went back to normal until 98. It came back and MRI showed brain lesions for MS. Doctor said I was lucky.

    The ABC meds were just released gave me info to choose anyone I felt comfortable with. They were interchangeable. I avoided Betaseron for as long as I could due to suicide side affect and depression. In 2003, my lesions were worse and Betaseron worked the best for lesions. Dr. put me on anti depressant before starting. I did not care for Avonex or Rebif.

    One was injection site issues and other swelling. Capaxone did not cause hives in the late nineties and the med had to stay cold. Once my MRI's showed MS lesions, it took another relapse by the third I was put on SSI at last 2003. It was in steps and stages. Have your letter from doctors, proof of disability and medical records if you had more then one doctor.

    The process can be long and stressful. Pay attention to what the records or notes say about you and condition. Hope it gets settled soon. Get help if you need it legal or local.


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