Sun exposure
OMERR posted:
I had MS for the last 7 month, in many articles I read that (Fever, Hot bath, Sun exposure and stress) can trigger or worsen attacks, but some doc said that vitamin D is good for MS peoples, is this true or not because I have a problem with sun exposure.
hackwriter responded:

Heat can trigger worsened symptoms, so if this is the case for you, you want to avoid heat.

Vitamin D is good for us and we can take D3 supplements to raise our low levels. Sun exposure also raises our D and it only requires 15 minutes a day of sun exposure to get a benefit. You don't have to fry in the sun for hours.

Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:

In addition to the great info hackwriter provided I wanted to pass along this link -

Low Vitamin D Levels May Be Linked to MS

Even though this study is based on African Americans, the researchers go on to say - more studies are needed in multiple ethnic groups to explore the relationship with Vit D and MS.

lovesweinerdogs replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi! Another question from OMERR's question-what is the recommended D3 dosage for MS'ers?
AMLYGE responded:
I have found since being on Gilenya for the past year that the sun wasn't my problem it was the interferons/ steroids that made the heat worse now find comfort in hot shower - not luke warm and heat packs haven't attempted a hot tub again though

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