Starting Betaseron.
TotallyDisgusted1 posted:
I'm starting Betaseron, could anyone who is taking this or has just started, give me a heads up on what to expect. I was diag. a little over year ago i,ve been receiveing monthly infussions of steroids and cemo and are doing well so far.

Prayforstrength responded:
I start Betaseron shots tomorow. I was diagnosed with MS approx 5 months ago so this is all new for me too.
Jack31969 replied to Prayforstrength's response:
Good morning,

Hello, I was diagnosed with MS 4 year ago. Bataseron has been working for me. No relapses thus far. Finger crossed.

When I first started with the meds, I had the flue like symptoms. I also had something like a dizzy spell but it has a different term to it. Also the injection are every other day. The injection are that pain in the a##. Exercise and the meds have kept me going without the relapses. I pesonally intends to stay on the Bataseron until the doc tells me otherwise. I hope this helped. Have a great day.
TotallyDisgusted1 replied to Jack31969's response:
Thank you for the info. just received the care package along with meds today. I will call the nurse to make an appt. to teach me how to inject myself. Prayfor keep posting how you are feeling, seeing you just started and I will do the same.

Thank you for the replies.