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Pediatric MS
freyds posted:
I recently took care of my 4 year old nephew for three days. He has terrible vision, and has recently developed balance problems, problems gripping, and real difficulty walking (his gait is very abnormal and he falls frequently). He walked and ran normally only two month ago, although he seemed to be falling excessively. He wakes at night complaining of leg pain and tightness, and occasionally hand pain. He does not have fever, does not complain of headaches, but does seem more lethargic than a month ago. Before I push my sister to see a specialist, I wanted to get a sense of whether these symptoms sound like early onset MS, or if community members might have other ideas of disorders I should investigate. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
hackwriter responded:
Dear freyds,

According to several articles listed below, Apparently, MS criteria might not be able to be applied to children under ten. Differential diagnosis for young kids exhibiting MS-like symptoms seems to be ADEM, a demyelinating disease that mimics MS.

Hope this helps.

Neil S Lava, MD responded:
It sounds as if your nephew really needs to see a pediatric neurologist. Multiple sclerosis would not be the first thing on my mind because of his age. There are many other neurological entities that need to be considered.
I think it would be appropriate to talk to your sister about having him evaluated.
freyds replied to hackwriter's response:
Thank you!
freyds replied to Neil S Lava, MD's response:
Dr. Lava,

He was evaluated yesterday and continues to be observed inpatient today. Tested positive for Guillian-Barre, so I thank you for reiterating my message that he needed immediate care!