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exercises for strenthing the lower back
pama7 posted:
am in a wheelchair. The big problem for me is becaue my lower back is so weak, it is unable to hold my body up when i try to stand using a walker. If i could just strenthen my core and lower back it would be able to to hold up my body so i can try to walk using my walker. my back is weak due to me letting it go, not keeping it strong by exercise. DESPRITE FOR HELP! i WANT TO WALK AGAIN BUT CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT A STRONG BACK AND CORE thank you to people that can help

Neil S Lava, MD responded:
It may be difficult to strengthen your back muscles but there certainly are ways to try. I think it would be appropriate for you to ask your physician to have you see a physical therapy physician or physical therapist. They can work with you on back strengthening exercises and make suggestions for things that you might do at home to help strengthen her back.
inWVwithMS responded:
try this.