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Stomach pain with MS
An_244274 posted:
My friends daughter is 24 she has MS. She is in and out of the hospital all the time. She is on 7 different types of Meds. She is in the hospital as I type with stomach pain. Is this common for someone with MS? Why would she be on so many types of Meds. All seem not to be helping her. She also have black outs. She cant never be left alone. Ive read alot of information on MS most people seem to live productive life with the help of the right meds and assistance from cains, walkers ect. The family is at there wits end with alot of unanswer question and seem like no hope for there daughter. If you can help with a few answers maybe I can give them some hope. Thank you Kayepee30
hackwriter responded:
Dear Kayepee30,

I'm sorry to hear that your friend's daughter is having so much trouble.

Without knowing the details of her condition, it would be hard to comment on why she is having difficulty.

If she has Relapsing-Remitting MS, her hospitalizations might be a result of having frequent and severe MS flares. She might be on a disease-modifying therapy such as Avonex, Betaseron, Rebif, or Copaxone, which are designed to reduce the number of flares and lesions and reduce the severity of symptoms during those flares. The other meds are likely for treating symptoms such as pain, spasticity, depression, fatigue, infection, and seizures. But it can take a long time to find the right disease-modifying therapy and symptom meds and doses since each person reacts differently to them.

If she has the progressive form of MS, there are only symptom meds available. A minority of MS patients have this form and it is difficult to treat.

If she is blacking out, she might have some form of epilepsy which can be caused by brain lesions. Some medications can cause blackouts as well.

I hope she is being treated by an MS specialist who will find the right medications to make her more comfortable and keep her out of the hospital.

kayepee30 replied to hackwriter's response:
Kim, thank you so much for taking time out and answering me. I will pass this information on to my friend. I just know that she is in the hospital very often. You said something that caught my attention. I dont know if she is being treated by a MS.specialist but I will find out. From what I've read about MS, one can live a pretty ok life with this. But she is so young and ready to give up on life.So sad for someone so young.Once again, Thank you.Hackwriter, Kayepee30
Dolores789 replied to kayepee30's response:
Dear Kayepee30

How is your friends daughter doing better I hope.
I just recently received an article on Gluten Ataxia..
Maybe she should investigate that as well.


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