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Anon_179899 posted:
Okay guys, I'm never on here but, I check in often. People have been talking about Vertigo followed by blindness. Now I'm scared! I had Vertigo a few weeks ago. Someone told me " plug your nose n put pessure on your ears" if it's alergies your ears will pop. I did, it did and the vertigo cleared. Happened to see my MS specialist that day. She didn't seem concerened. I have never had Vertigo before but, this was big time dizzy. Hit the floor dizzy. It hasn't come back so far. Also had an app. with my eye Doc. a few days later. He didn't see any inflamation of whatever that nerve is. Also, has anyone ever had the not being able to find the the word thing happen And as weird as it sounds I could see three words zipping around in my head, just had to catch the right one!! Weird huh? Only lasted a sec. and only happened the one time.
LKintner responded:
Vertigo is a common symptom with MS, thought it can be associated with a variety of other conditions, including allergies, which I have and blamed by vertigo on for years before going blind overnight in 1999 (see my post "to Avonex or not to Avonex, that is the question).

That condition in my eye is a separate disease, Optic Neuritis, which is an inflammation and subsequent damage to the Optic Nerve. It is very important to your sight as it sends the signals from your eye to the brain, allowing you to interpret and process what you are seeing.

Thirdly, what you are referring to is called the "MS Fog", which is a cognitive lapse, again resulting from your brain not processing properly or quickly enough.

God Speed!

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