NanaJudy6 posted:
Hey everyone: My WebMD name is changing from Readyfordx (ready for diagnosis) to NanaJudy6. I am nana to six wonderful, precious grandchildren (yeah I guess I am a little boastful, sorry).

Anyway, I want to be a positive influence to myself, my family and friends and that includes my WebMD friends. As of my last post, I have had several tests including a VEP, cognitive eval, MRI (data only) of the gray matter, and a spinal tap. Had about 6 days of headaches, along with back spasms after the LP but not bad enough to have a blood patch.

I will be going back to my new neuro the 29th for test results, saw the immunologist/rheumatologist yesterday and he is doing mega blood work so I should be getting some answers soon. Just letting you all know what is going on..will get you posted.

Take care of yourselves.. God Bless

Judy .
hackwriter responded:

I wish you well with these test results, I hope you'll finally have some answers and get the appropriate care.

I'm glad to hear that you didn't change your username because you are no longer ready for a dx, lol. I've never gotten the impression that you would ever throw in the towel. I've admired your perseverance and humor for a long while and I'm betting that it will soon pay off.

Looking forward to your next post, I'll be thinking of you.

NanaJudy6 replied to hackwriter's response:
Oh no, I am more ready for a diagnosis than ever and I think emotionally as well as physically. Maybe it just took God a little longer to prepare me (I have been known to be a little stubborn) for whatever is out there for me, I don't know but I am ready for whatever I have to deal with.

I am a strong person (maybe too much sometimes) and I will continue to fight this battle and I want to encourage others as you do. You have been an inspiration to me as I have traveled this journey and I always get something positive out of your reply. I read your articles and I laugh as I am sure you do at some point (after the pain). You have a good attitude which I know plays an important part in how well you respond to treatment.

Anyway, thanks for your words of encouragement.