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Advice please
Saterika posted:
Ive been battling some very strange symptoms since Jan. These include numbness, paralysis, speech impairments, pain in my legs and arms, involuntary tremors and twitching, muscle spasms. I have been under the care of a neurologist but have not received a diagnosis. I am a little concerned that it may be MS but dont if I should just trust my doctors judgement and see a psychiatrist as he recommends. Help please. How long does it usually take for signs to show on an MRI after symptoms first appear?
hackwriter responded:
Dear Saterika,

There is no usual course for MS, and many other conditions must be ruled out via testing during the diagnostic process. There are a hundred other conditions that share the same symptoms as MS. If your brain and spine MRIs have shown no lesions, your neuro might follow you with periodic MRIs to check for changes over time.

In the meantime, your spasms can be treated with muscle relaxers such as baclofen or zanaflex, among others, and your neuropathic pain can be treated with anti-seizure meds such as gabapentin and Lyrica. Ask your doctor about all your treatment options.

You didn't mention why your neuro recommended a psychiatrist. If he/she suggested your symptoms are in your head, that might be a good reason to change neurologists. If you are suffering from anxiety/depression, it's your call to seek out counseling and meds.

It's always a good idea to seek a second opinion. If you aren't happy with your present neurologist, you could look for an MS specialist in your area.

Hope this helps.

swampster1952 responded:
Good morning Saterika,

Ditto what Kim said. Find out why your neuro wants you to see a psychiatrist.

Saterika replied to swampster1952's response:
He just thought that since my MRI was negative for now that my symptoms could be related to anxiety. I do not feel like I have anxiety and I have not been able to correlate the symptoms with any precipitating factors, so I'm really not sure. I saw the psychiatrist and he said that he also thought it might be anxiety, but I just dont think so. I go back to see the neurologist in Aug so I may ask for another MRI since my last one was in Jan. I guess Ill just keep taking it one day at a time and see how things go. Thanks for the advice.
Rory26312 replied to Saterika's response:
Hi Saterika

Personally I would be wary of a neuro who looks at an MRI and says it's not MS so it's anxiety.

Yes anxiety and stress take a toll on all of us in the modern world but other causes of your symptoms should be checked out as well.

I would think about a second opinion and follow up MRI's, on that front the quality of machine can make a difference as the newer ones can get much clearer images so make sure the center has updated equipment.

Also make sure your neuro has the images him/herself rather than just reading the report as a neuro can see things the radioligist may miss.

Hope this helps


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