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Strength in Legs
starburst29 posted:
Does strength in legs ever come back once treatment is started? or does the weakness and tingling last all day everyday even with treatment?Has anyone tried stem cell therapy?
hackwriter responded:
Hello starburst,

Disease-modifying therapies aren't designed to treat MS symptoms, they slow the progress of the disease over time. There are therapies in the pipeline that perform myelin repair and might be available within the next ten years, but there are no FDA-approved therapies right now that can reverse MS damage.

You can try symptom meds such as gabapentin and Lyrica for neuropathic pain and tingling. We use exercise and mobility aids to cope with leg weakness.

I've not tried stem cell treatments, but it is a promising therapy for the future. Stem cell treatments are undergoing trials in Europe, the UK, and the US. Successful stem cell therapy for MS is complicated since it would involve introducing a massive number of cells that must migrate across the blood-brain barrier, find damaged myelin and repair it--and then provide ongoing protection from future attacks by the immune system. Science hasn't yet nailed down the magic formula in a consistent and safe manner, but it's getting there.

Though stem cell therapy is being offered outside the US at exorbitant prices, these treatments are done with no oversight. Some patients have enjoyed improvement, some only temporary improvement, some not at all, and deaths have occurred.

beckym2005 responded:
I can only speak for myself - I had one leg that had weakness and tingling - It took it 2-3 weeks to get better. Now it only seems to bother me when I have over done it a bit. I take the Gillenya pill. My Dr prescribed a med to help with the discomfort that i took a few times to help sleep when my leg was bothering me. I know how freaked out I was so I hope that this gives you some hope that it might get better?

starburst29 replied to beckym2005's response:
Thank you Becky! I've benn dealing with these odd legg pains for two months now. Sometimes they feel weak, sometimes its just bone pain, sometimes tingling or just tightness. It changes on a daily basis.I Gillenya medication for ms or just leg pain?
How long have u had ms and how long did it take for docs to diagnos you?
Herb Karpatkin, PT, DSc, NCS, MSCS responded:
Leg weakness in MS can be from many causes- it may actually be that only a few muscles are weak, or that the problem may not actually be weakness but some other MS symptom such as muscle stiffness, sensory loss, fatigue, or impaired motor control. Regardless, i strongly suggest that you see a physical therapist who has experience in MS and ask them to design an exercise program to address your specific needs. A physical therapist can figure out precisely the reason for your weakness, and devise a program meant to specifically address it.

Herb Karpatkin, PT, DSc

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