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Hi everyone -recently diagnosised...
Ladyheather25 posted:
Hi everyone - I am 33 years old and was just recently diagnosised with MS. This was a difficult thing for me because I dont have any symptoms assoicated with MS other than I went to my eye doctor for my yearly exam and was told that I was color blind in one eye and my complaint of my eye being painful and swollen was connected with it. Since then I have had my MRI, LP, lab work and still I have not been given a clear cut answer of MS becuase everything is not textbook, my lab work comes back in the middle of all of the ranges that the doctors go by, my lesions are not big or what is typical in a MS patient. No one in my family has a history of MS - I am the first ever diagnosised. The only symptoms I have after reading everything is fatigue and the heat bothers me to an extent. Has anyone else had any of these issues? I have not problems with my speak, limbs, memory or anything else just those few symptoms.
Also has anyone seen any research or heard of anything linking vaccinations to MS (like being a first time reciever of a flu shot and being diagnosised with MS a short period of time later)?
hackwriter responded:
Dear Ladyheather,

Despite what some doctors tell us, there is no such thing as a typical case of MS, we each present with the initial symptoms in our own unique ways. Our disabilities are a consequence of the location of the damage and to what extent our bodies can repair it.

An MS diagnosis is hard to make and involves a process of elimination. Many conditions share common symptoms with MS. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion from an MS specialist.

Fatigue and heat intolerance are very common symptoms, I have them and they were part of my earliest disease symptoms. The first five years after my initial attack were virtually symptom-free (some foot drop, fatigue and heat intolerance) and I had no relapses. After that, I've flared once every five years with worsened disabilities each time. The third flare required me to retire on SSDI. But lots of people can continue to work for many years, we're all different.

Starting a disease-modifying therapy early in the disease can go a long way to slow the progress of your MS.

There is no connection between flu shots and developing MS, in fact, we are encouraged to get a yearly flu shot. Viral infections can trigger an MS attack, however. We have overactive immune systems that can go rogue fighting off an infection and then start attacking our own myelin.

Hope this helps.

Rory26312 responded:
Hi Ladyheather

While I am happy to meet you I am sorry it has to be here.

I was diagnosed almost ten years ago based on MRi's despite a negative SP. At that time I had several lesions typical of MS but since then have devoloped some that are non typical.

The cause iof these is unknown despite two neuros a cardio and several readings by radiology . What I am trying to say is that there are very few "textbook" cases of MS.

Most likely what your optho saw was Optic Neurosis (sp) or ON.
It is a very common first sign of MS and usually resolves itself over time with no permanent damage.

I was the first in my family to be diagnosed but my older sister has been since alltough she has had it much longer than me.

As Kim said a specialist and a treatment plan are now vital . Once this is in place and hopefully effective and well tolerated you should be able to resume life as you know it. Let me add it is a big adjustment so do not be afraid to reach our for help and counciling if and when needed.

Stay in touch ,ask, vent , tell a joke but if you whine bring cheese and in the words of one of our veterns "BREATH"


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