Signs of MS relapsing
knowingitall posted:
How can I as the wife know when husband is having a flare up? He has recently had very painful cramps in his right hand. It's very hot and I think he was out in the heat too long. When should I get him to the doctor and when should i take immediate action to take him to the ER. He is stubborn, but i think he is having a difficult time right now. Help.
Rory26312 responded:
Hi Knowing

As a rule it is not usually a flair unless there are new or worsening symptoms over a forty eight hour period. Most likely this a temporary thing caused by the heat but I cann't say for certain.

Heat a major trigger for most of us so if he wants to be outside get a cooling vest ,the are not the prettiest thing to wear but the help keep the core temperature down.

It is possible he is de-hydrated or even has heat stroke so you will have to keep a eye on him.