Help I'm really scared
Burkeblues8 posted:
I am 19 and just all of a sudden last week I started having shaky hands and feet. Tingling in my body arms and legs. I just don't feel normal all over. I also when not eating or something get dizzy and kind of black out for a few seconds. Do I have ms my dad has it but I don't know if my symptoms are consisitant. I also go to the bathroom a lot 4 to 5 times a day and have a very high sex drive.
48trying2understand responded:
I don't know if what you describe could be symptoms of MS but you don't need to be on this chat site asking people who aren't doctors, you should make an appointment and go to see a doctor when you can. I have alot of different health issues, and I go to the doctor alot, but if I don't go then I can't get better. Until you know what you have or exactly what is going on you are just scaring yourself more. You can face whatever it turns out to be! You're young and have age and resilience on your side. Good luck and please go to see a doctor soon. Best wishes.
hackwriter responded:
Dear Burke,

There are many conditions that can cause your symptoms. I can understand why you have a concern about MS since your father has it, but something as simple as a vitamin deficiency could cause your symptoms, too. See a doctor soon.