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Need some advice/support
ndsdgirl posted:
I am really struggling with a lot of concerning symptoms and not getting anywhere with my doctors. I am actually going to travel quite a few hours to get a second opinion in July. Starting last December I have had extremely strange symptoms. I have had my hand go numb for up to four hours at a time, tingling (sometimes painful), dizzy spells, muscle spasms, an electrical feeling in my body, concentration issues, major issues with heat etc and much more. I went to my regular doctor who referred me to a neruologist.The neurologist did an emg which found very early stages of neuropothy and carpal tunnel, but he didnt think it required any attention at this time. I had a MRI (with contrast) done on my brain and C spine which was unremarkable. They did find herniated disk so my neurologist referred me to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeion recomended physical therapy (which I have been going to for a month) and still having tingling/numbness/dizzy spells. My symptoms go in waves. They will be quite bad for quite a few weeks and then not be bad at all for awhile. I have had numerous people tell me that dizzy spells etc could not be from my herniated disk but could account for some of the tingling/numbness. Anyway, I did talk my neurosurgeon into doing an mri of my lower spine since I did have a car accident in 1997 and hurt my lower back. He did not order contrast and found it unremarkable. What I am wondering is should I have had that with contrast? I am just extremely frustrated and feel like people think I am crazy. I know my body and know that this is not something normal. I am really hoping to get somewhere when I see my other doctor for a second opinion. Just wanted to share my frustration and I can see that many others have similar issues frustrations. Thanks for any input/advice in advance.
I wanted to that my neurologist wanted to put me on medication for tremors that I had been having, without finding out why I was having tremors. He also wanted me to go to PT, which I have already been doing based on my referral from the neurosurgeon. Basically they keep passing me back and forth without getting anywhere
hackwriter responded:
Dear ndsdgirl,

You've done all the right things, and getting a second opinion is certainly a good idea.

There are lots of conditions that could cause your symptoms. If your MRIs show no lesions, any doc will be be hard-pressed to dx a demyelinating disease such as MS. It's not unusual for MS symptoms to appear before lesions do, but a lot of other possibilities must be ruled out. I had disc problems myself during the years I waited for an MS dx, and it did muddy the waters there for a while. But I also had cervical spine lesions early on, so MS was on the table for those six years that I waited.

Your symptoms lasting a few weeks and coming and going does sound like nerve inflammation, however. Keep pushing for more answers, it sounds like you're on top of it and will urge your doctors to look further.


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