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    Supreme Court Upholds Health Reform Law
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
    I thought you all would be interested -

    This just in, The Supreme Court Upholds Health Reform Law .

    I am a bit surprised, my gut was it would not hold up.

    What are your thoughts about the ruling? How does this law/reform affect you and your family?

    hackwriter responded:
    I'm pleased that it stayed (mostly) intact. If more people are covered and pay premiums, it would better offset the costs of health care by reducing the number of uninsured patients who use ERs for their health care.

    I'm already on Medicare and my husband has BCBS through his employer, so I'm not sure the ruling impacts my household. My focus is on changes in Medicare now.

    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Forgot to add this in -

    For more coverage -
    WebMD Special Report Health Care Reform Showdown

    Do you think more insurance companies will now pop up? If so I wonder if this will make premiums competitive and affordable.

    Rory26312 responded:
    I was very surprised the individual mandate stood , but I guess it's a tax not a fine (should be a lawyer to understand that one).

    My big concern is infrastructure as in medical personnal and diagnostic services. We allready have waits for specialist appointments and testing so what happens when PC's start to refer all these newly insured and there is not enough phyiscal equipment in place to carry out all the testing.

    hackwriter replied to Rory26312's response:
    Here's an article about the Affordable Care Act possibly causing some unintended negative consequences for the frail elderly who may lack transitional care after a hospitalization:

    According to the article, those elderly who use long-term care and support services might face needless hospital readmissions from a lack of follow-up care. The ACA addresses acute care in its policy, but not chronic care services. I don't know how this dovetails with Medicare but I'll be watching for more info.

    swampster1952 replied to hackwriter's response:
    Hello all,

    We will just have to see what shakes out of the trees when congress quits bitching and moaning about the decision. Of course there will be problems, as there always are when something new is implemented.

    If we took away the excellent health coverage from everyone in congress and made them face the same choices as the uninsured face everyday, then maybe some reasonable action will take place. I bet solutions would be found so quick that the public will be astounded that the people in congress can actually do something positive quickly!

    Rory26312 replied to swampster1952's response:
    Yes Dave but let's put in social security as well


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