Don't you wish...
swampster1952 posted:
Hello all,

I have been listing quite a bit to the song "Over the rainbow" sung by this guy who goes by the nick name "IZ), but my favorite version is by the phenomenal singer
Eva Cassidy.

Just a thought,

hackwriter responded:

Funny that you mention it, I've just recently discovered Eva Cassidy and I have heard her rendition of "Over the Rainbow." Loved it.

She was a dynamite jazz singer who crossed genres effortlessly, I'm just sorry I hadn't know of her work before her passing.

Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
For those of you who want to hear these great artists, here are the links. Unfortunately, both passed away way too young!

IZ - Isreal Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo 2BBole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Eva Cassidy - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

IZ's song was used in a local Publix (grocery store) commercial a couple years ago.

farside_fan responded:
Hey Dave, long time, no talk ~

I know IZ's music well as I got hooked on listening, once I heard his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow years ago!!! After listening to one of his CDs four or five times, I began to sing along with him, even though I had NO IDEA what he was saying/singing. LOVE his ukelele and his soft voice. Sadly, he died a few years ago and took his style of music with him. I'll check out Eva Cassidy once I get a few free minutes.
farside_fan responded:
Well, Dave, I just got blown away by Eva Cassity's voice and her music as I listened to her a few minutes ago. Such talent and such sorrow that she lost her life to melanoma. Thank you for sharing her with us.