I have no insurance, I know something is wrong
tiffytx posted:
Have not been diagnosed w/Ms. My symptoms are varied. Lightheadedness, dizziness...that does not occur with change of sitting up or standing. During the night I am awakened by numbness and tingling in my hands and arms..like they are asleep. I am awakened by bouts of dizzy spells. I am 45, white, female, no insurance, but I know something is wrong. There are times where it feels like "car sickness" for long periods of time. I am fatigued, depressed...and not sure what to do...This is not in my "HEAD"...something is wrong..

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I have not been diagnosed .but I have known for quite some time that something was wrong Lately symptoms have gotten worse. The numbness and tingling in hands, fatigue, eye problems, heaviness of limbs, I have no insurance, what should I do? not a hypochondriac something is wrong
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hackwriter responded:
Dear tiffy,

Find a community charity clinic and see a GP. The symptoms you describe could be caused by any number of things.