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Stress Management May Prevent MS Brain Lesions
Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
Is it time to enroll in stress management therapy and practice relaxation techniques?

According to this new study, patients with MS who attended stress management therapy for six months had fewer new brain lesions from disease flare-ups and slower progression.

Stress Management May Prevent MS Brain Lesions

Has your doctor recommended avoiding stress? Have you been given any resources or tools to "relax"?

hackwriter responded:
My doctor wouldn't dare insult my intelligence like that. She knows that my worsened symptoms and flares have come on in the midst of a very low-stress life. Nobody is calmer than I am, my life is simple and carefree, thanks to a wonderful husband--and yet I have not been spared the worsened disabilities, the sometimes daily see-sawing of symptoms, the flares, the new lesions.

Striking a balance in our lives is a good idea for everybody. But let's remember that our MS-addled immune systems are constantly waging war on our myelin, even while we sleep. Show me a large, placebo-controlled study with repeatable results over at least two years and I might be convinced that meditation can slow progression and prevent nerve inflammation from permanently scarring our myelin.

swampster1952 replied to hackwriter's response:
You tell 'em Kim!

Of course managing stress is important in combating our disease. Once I finished my graduate school studies and graduated my stress levels plummeted and I felt a lot better pretty damn quick. Now I try very hard to keep any stressful situations as far away from me as possible.

Unfortunately this means that my wife has to take on more of the roles that I used to fulfill in our marriage, which brings on a different kind of stress. It can't be avoided but stress certainly can be minimized.

See you this August Kim,


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