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people just dont understand ms diffaculties
hogabomb posted:
I have had ms for seven years and am still working full time. I am currently off work on sick leave due to the heat and some high stressful situations. Although I do not take off work sick much I always find it hard to explain or define my ms complications to my companies accident fund employees. Since many employees abuse the system. They sometimes do not take you seriously and think you just want time off work. I now have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. When writing it takes me a bit longer to organize words and sentences but when talking, I dont have the time to organize and can not get out what I need to say. I make outlines to prep for conversations. Can anyone think of words to explain the sometimes hidden diffaculties associated with ms
hackwriter responded:
Dear hogabomb,

Could you write down your symptoms and submit that instead of trying to explain it--and tell them that you have a hard time speaking your thoughts when your symptoms worsen?

Have you had an appointment with your neuro lately? You might also ask your neurologist to submit a letter that explains how the disease affects you.

So often we have to educate others about MS, and the workplace can be particularly hostile and ignorant when it comes to giving time off to those who have diseases with invisible symptoms, or who have rare disorders that aren't as well understood as cancer and heart disease.

terryirishlady responded:
I agree with Kim. Write it down try to explain that way. I am sorry you are having such difficulties and I understand. It can be scary sometimes I wonder if it is beginning of Alzheimer. I posted on here about work and my cognitive thoughts, how my mind just goes blank. I sometimes say the wrong things too. Make sure you check in with a doctor about all your symptoms write them down so you don't forget. Now I am dealing with heart issues. I have had palpitations for years but now I have Tachycardia and they don't know why. I still think it has to do with M.S. but they so no. I scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks to fix it a Catheter Ablation. Scary!!

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