This heat
holyshort posted:
This has got to be the worst summer as far as heat is concerned ... I feel like it's killing me. I have no energy, no strength.
vplucky responded:
feel the same way!
rickander responded:
my cousin is the same way.. anything over 75 degree's and she's done.... I started taking bee pollen with my viatimans and It seemed to help with the tingling and fatigue.. you may want to try exercise and drink lots of fluids
farside_fan replied to rickander's response:
Bee pollen? Stupid question I know, but is it injected or taken orally or WHAT?

My friend, Keith, has become a "bee keeper" in the last two years and has several hives (or homes, or whatever you call 'em!!!) and even has one that's recently started producing honey.

I may have to get him to tell me about the pollen and how it's used!!! Care to enlighten me on the subject further? Thanks for any information!

feelurpain responded:
I'm the same way, I actually get so bad I have to just go inside and lay down. I'm so sick of being inside. I have always been an outdoors person until MS hit me a year ago. Do feel kinda like your so drained its hard to even sit up?