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Help! How do I know? MS?
MysteryIlnessHelp posted:
So basically I have been getting worse for about 5 weeks now with weakness in my legs (now using a wheelchair most of the time), urinating in my sleep and mixing words up plus a lot more symptoms (all can be found at my blog). Anyway, to get to the point, my question is how did you know you had MS? They did an LP on me but it came back fine but my GP still thinks its MS. I am looking for any advice, help, ideas, encouragment you may be able to give me as the docs still haven't helped much and I am feeling more fed up, frustrated and plain ol' helpless than ever, not to mention plum tired from trying to be "strong" through all the docs saying nothing is wrong and dealing with knowing something is wrong but no doc fixing it. So if you can help it is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance and if you need any more info just ask or check out my blog (below) because it has tons of info.
Rory26312 responded:
Hi Mystery

This is a post I have that explains the process by which doctors attempt to diagnose MS

If you suspect MS as the cause of your symptoms you need to try the following.

1 Find a neuro who specializes in MS or an MS care center, try for patient reviews on a state by state basis.

2 Be prepared to undergo all testing the require which may include,

A MRI's of the brain and cervical spine with and without contrast to look for active and inactive liaisons.

B Possibly a lumber puncture/ spinal tap to look for proteins and O-bands in the fluid around your brain and spine.

C Evoked potential testing to check the speed of your nerve responses, any delay can indicate inflammation.

D A complete neuro workup and a review of your medical history, try to keep a journal of your symptoms and how long the last and any triggers you can think have.

After all this which can take some time, you can hope that a specialist has enough info to make a diagnosis or at least rule out MS altogether, all though there are no guarantees as we often see false negatives or inconclusive results

For now find a specialist and follow his/her advice , let us know how you are doing and know that most of us have been where you are and indeed some on here still are there.

Hope this helps,

rickander responded:
a spinal tap will tell you for sure., I had 2 MRI's which found about 20 lisians on the top of my brain and had a bunch of test to tell what it may be affecting. I hope you find an answer.....
Rory26312 replied to rickander's response:
Hi Again

What Rickander says is not completely true I had a negative tap and was still diagnosed and confirmed on a second opinion by presentation and MRI results.

hackwriter replied to Rory26312's response:
I agree with Rory, lumbar punctures are just one of several diagnostic tests that may help confirm a diagnosis. Roughly ten percent of MS cases test negative for oligoclonal bands in the spinal fluid and a diagnosis is confirmed by MRIs, clinical exams and symptom history.


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