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Trigeminal Neuralgia with MS
Moonshadowgirl posted:
I have been diagnosed with MS for 22+ years, and have taken Betaseron since 1995. What in the world do I do with this trigeminal neuralgia? I've had it off-and-on for at least 10 years, but it has been mainly "on" since December.
swampster1952 responded:
Good morning Moon,

I take gabapentin for my neuropathic pain and it does the trick for me. I am not so sure if this drug would work as well for your neuralgia. Have you spoken to your neuro about this?

Possibly a pain clinic might have something that would help to relieve your pain.

Good luck,

Neil S Lava, MD responded:
we do see trigeminal neuralgia in patients with MS and treat it with medication usually. The most common medications are anti seizure medicine such as carbamazepine and others. More aggressive therapies are also available.
You really need to speak with your neurologist about this very painful entity. Medications can be quite effective and help stop the pain.
MS25221 responded:
Moonshadowgirl: TN was one of my first symptoms and I had 4 root canals trying to get rid of the pain before seeing a neurologist and getting an MS diagnosis. Now I have it bilaterally. I take Trileptal, but it doesn't always work. Sometimes you need a dose of Solu-Medrol to calm it down if it is due to an active lesion. Like the Dr. said, give your neuro a call. Something can be done. No need to live in pain.