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When is it prudent to stop Copaxone
4John2 posted:
I am now over 71 years of age and have been diagnosed more than 20 years ago. Most experts now believe that MS involves an abnormal immune system response.
Since MS is an autoimmune disease, age must have something to do with the body slowing down.
If the body is slowing down, the autoimmune process must be slowing down also. When is it the proper time to reduce the Copaxone treatments? Copaxone is an expensive solution and if it is not needed or less needed why continue taking it daily.
Neil S Lava, MD responded:
We are still trying to figure out how to tell which patients don't need to stay on their therapy. At the moment we don't have a guideline for medication cessation.
There are patients with multiple sclerosis who have a benign disease course and probably don't need to be on medication. You might discuss your concerns with your neurologist.
Sometimes if people have not had any symptoms and have had a stable MRI for many years we might consider stopping medication.