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Does MS lead to permanent numbing
TSalipot posted:
I have permanent loss of degree of feeling in right side of my face from migraines I had last year with onset of symptoms after not having problems for almost 10 years. Last night I woke at 1:30 a.m. with a like burning and even thicker numbing that side of my face. It sounds stupid, but laying there it felt like that side of my face was "hanging". I actually got out of bed and went and looked in the mirror if I could see what I was feeling...outside of the dark bag under the eye I really could not see the dramatic sensation I was feeling. I was not in pain or anything, none of my symptoms are really painful some can be irritating and frustrating and I consider myself fortunate there. Current Dr changed my "probably MS" diagnoses from 1999 to chronic migraines that have similar effects as stroke victims. My only problem is, in 1999 when I was real bad I did not have a problem with headaches. I guess I really did not have a question but just needed to talk to someone who may understand the scare I went through and I did not want to alarm my family which has been struggling all ready watching me go through this.

I have been struggling with spreading systems for over a month now. Dr has me scheduled for a 2nd MRI that can compared to the one we did in May 2011 so hopefully that will shed some light for definate answers. To complicate matters, one thing for sure is they found a small aneurism last year when looking for migraine damage on MRI so they are checking it for growth today too. Everytime something happens I have more questions than answers. I don't even care anymore what it is, I just want to be sure what my diagnosis is so I can be sure we get me treated properly and not just hide the systems with meds before they know what they are truly dealing with.

My neuro last week told me that If my doc was right in 1999 MS would have burned itself out by now. Well I just lost all confidence in him. So after these tests are done, I am looking for one that is a MS specialist in Miami Florida area that takes United Healthcare. I really need to be sure that it is not MS. As much as I don't want it, deep down I think I do...of all times this is one I really am hoping my gut instinct is wrong! Thanks for listening!!
hackwriter responded:
Dear TSalipot,

I think you're doing the right thing by seeking out an MS specialist for a second opinion. And you're right, MS doesn't burn itself out.

Though I haven't had any visible vascular damage from migraines, I have had migraines and it can worsen some of my already permanent MS symptoms such as numbness and fatigue. Certain kinds of stress can do that, heat and humidity being common ones. I'm not sure that migraines can cause permanent damage, I have read that they cause temporary symptoms and do not follow a progressive course like MS does. Maybe one of our experts will comment on this.

Hang in there, it might take some time to find out what is causing your symptoms. I hope you'll give us an update on your Miami appointment.


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