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Seeing things
cheesegrater posted:
Anyone see lights and colors that aren't there?
swampster1952 responded:
Hello Ms Grater,

Well of course not silly! How can you expect us to see things that are not there?!

Dave (with tongue in cheek)
cheesegrater replied to swampster1952's response:
Dave, so, do you?
swampster1952 replied to cheesegrater's response:
Hello Ms Grater,

Okay, yes I do see things but just because others did not see these "things" doesn't mean that they weren't really there! Maybe they just don't have what it takes to see everything that is around them...

I see floating discs of light, or shooting lightning bolt shaped objects out of the corner of my eyes. Nothing like this happens directly in my line of sight however.

What kind of things are you seeing? If you are seeing hippopotamus's or things like that then I would surmise that a psychiatrist might be in your future!

cheesegrater replied to swampster1952's response:
Unfortunately, no hippos or unicorns, darn it all! Lights sometimes, white, sometimes colors usually blue, green, sometimes redish. '

Reflective sometimes become rainbows shooting up in the sky, that's exciting!

When I close my eyes it often looks like lighting behind a very cloudy sky, sometimes it's stronger and I see the bolts of lightning and will get up out of bed to check out side, well, just in case, wouldn't want to miss anything... I also get moving colors when my eyes are closed, this seems to be happening less these days.

Double vision, vertically and ocular migraines have been diagnosed, the migranes have been credited with the lights, but what I can't figure out is how I can I have migranes all the time?

Any input would be appreciated, I'm still undiagnosed. Think I have MS, a host of other symptoms. Not getting much support from our medical community.... Humor is very much appreciated, thanks for the smile! Kathy
Marjang responded:
ummm don't feel so bad i'm all foggy and out of focus myself and been like this for almost a week. They say its one of the few touches of MS and yours is too. Doctor said it is Neurological symptoms of ms. I don't think I've ever wanted to back on my shots as I do now....
cheesegrater replied to Marjang's response:
Marjang, thank you for that! I am waiting for a referral to the MS/MG Neuro at UC Davis, hope to have an appointment date this coming week.

Saw the UC San Francisco Neuro (MS) 2 1/2 years ago who told me he thought I didn't know how to look through my glasses....

Hopeful for some help this time.
wvmountain2 responded:
For years I had migraine headaches & would have things that I can only describe as like tadpoles squiggling, sometimes fast & sometimes slow, sometimes very light gray, almost white, sometimes a very dark black. I'd also get zig-zag lines of various colors. These were almost blinding sometimes. No more migraines but I still get the fast moving multi-colored zig-zag circles. Some have said it is migraines & sometimes you have the terrible headaches & sometimes just the zig-zags.

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