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    I need answers
    Atthelimit posted:
    I do not understand why in this day and time people such as myself are still basically going from one doctor to the next to find answers concerning pains that go on for weeks and months at a time. I am so sick of being told that my pain may be because of arthritis, carpal tunnel, or that I may be developing glaucoma and my favorite, we may not ever find out why you are having these symptoms. Why is it they can send a man to the moon, have all of this advanced technology, but still are unable to know if someone has MS until after years of suffering. When I first started having problems with my eyes I was told, "Oh, it's just that you"re getting older and you need glasses. Well, my eyes have not improved in those two and a half years. I started having double vision and pain in my left eye. In addition, my legs started feeling like I was dragging cement and I kept getting sharp pains in my arm. I continued to ignore everything, even after I had an accident because I could not see a vehicle until Imy truck was at the vehicles rear door. The thing that made me finally admit that something was going on with my body was when I was driving down the road after pi king my daughter up from school and my head started feeling like it was spinning around. That was almost seven months ago, and since then the only doctor who has mentioned the possiblility of me having MS is my primary physician. I have seen two neurologist, two optomologist, had MRIs, Xrays and more blood test for various other illness that have similar symptoms to MS, and still no one knows what is wrong. I am so frustrated I feel like in any minute I am going to lose it, because the muscle spasms and sharp pains at night get so bad at times that I am unable to sleep even after taking pain medicine and a sleeping pill. There has got to be an answer somewhere.
    cheesegrater responded:
    I hear you! I feel that way often. It's almost as if they are afraid to commit to giving a diagnosis.

    I have vision, pain, balance, vertigo, smell, taste, hearing, exhaustion, numbness in face, legs and arms as well as an enlarged thymus.

    If you look back at when I first started going to see doctors about these issues, 20 years ago, you can see I fall in to many "expected time for these to happen" categories for MS.

    It seems there are more stories like this than ones that get diagnosed right away.

    I just decided not to let them win! I'm going to keep going until I get help. Just got my referral to my 7th neurologist, 2nd MS specilist this morning.

    Keep at it. You are worth taking care of yourself. If we jump up and down enough eventually someone's going to pay attention!
    Atthelimit replied to cheesegrater's response:
    Thanks cheesegrater. It is good to read that there are others with syptoms similar to mine, I was beginning to think that maybe I was starting to loose my mind. I kept telling myself that I could not really be experiencing the number of syptoms I am having and not one specialist find anything wrong with what is going on. I agree with you I will not let them win, I will keep going to doctors and getting thrid, fourth, or however many oppinions it takes until someone gives me some answers and solutions.

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